Work In Progress

I'm one of "those" writers who work on a couple of projects simultaneously. I tend to need to step back and work out a plot point or two in one project, so I pop over to another project for a break.


The following WIPs are to the point in the process I can comfortably say they will be shopped, or published in the next few months.


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Shish-Ka-Bob, A Peculiar Meats Mystery      

This cozy, culinary mystery set in Peculiar, Missouri features Barbara Shari Hunt, Brookside socialite. Babe as she was known to everyone—at least everyone back in Kansas City where all these names meant something in her social standing, has been transplanted to the rural bedroom community of Peculiar (read hick to city folk) with her husband's early retirement from his impressive judicial career.


Now she has a happy husband pursing his dreams of BBQ competition success, the house of her dreams, and all the time in the world to pursue her dreams. Yet, although she's only thirty miles from Kansas City her old life and friends seem further away than Mars. There's not even a Nordstrom close.

So when Babe's bestie comes for a weekend visit armed with bottles of their favorite Merlot, the local real estate maverick Bob Shisk turns up shot dead hunting out of season, and Babe decides to give herself a tarot reading from her dead grandmother's deck what could possibly go wrong?

© 2016 by Rachel Ellyn