Where, Bear is a beautiful story about the importance and power of imagination. Through this adorable tale and unique use of illustration, children of all ages will see that with imagination, all things are possible.

J.R. Frontera

Where, Bear?

Pixie Shoes was a sweet fairy tale that left me wanting more. Well written and easy to read. Little girls will love this.

Kathy Wells

Pixie Shoes

Very relavent to my 7 and 9 year-olds as we road trip to Florida every year! They especially loved the KC hat as well as identifying with the struggle on what to pack each year. They also loved the reference to Charlotte's Web as that is one of my 9 year-olds favorite books. Brilliantly written and well enjoyed. Kudos Ms. Ellyn!

Amazon Customer

How To Pack A Pig

This wonderful story about each pixie finding her own place in the world, her own talents is sure to be easily understood and thankfully accepted by many children...girls, and even boys willing to read a book about pixies! The ending for Neesa was...very good. Perhaps not every child will either be one of the crowd or a true winner... Still, we all need dreams, don't we? Neesa didn't set out to do what she did. She merely started doing what her heart and mind was telling her to do... This fairy tale will charm readers while still having a meaningful lesson to be learned by all... This one is highly recommended.


Pixie Shoes

You know you've found a real literary treat when you take a break from reading JK Rowling's fifth installment of Harry Potter and your daughter reacts with JUST as much enthusiasm as she did to the Harry Potter chronicles. My daughter was so excited to read this book and it brought her so much joy! She wanted to read it past bedtime just to see what happened to Bell. If only there was a follow-up!

K. Houlehan

KC Bell: A Manx With A Tale

In the kitchen of a young girl and her mother, anthropomorphic appliances and ingredients, like Viki (the Viking range) and Patty (a pat of butter), help Slice (a piece of bread) realize his dream of becoming French Toast.

The story is charming, the illustrations are delightful, and the recipes are simple yet tasty. And at under $9, this book is something you'll want to buy for every child you know.

If you're from the Kansas City area, you'll recognize --or perhaps even know-- the award-winning chefs who contributed the five recipes included in the book. If you're not, it doesn't matter. Your family will still love the recipes, and you'll love the excuse to read to and then cook with your kids.


You're Toast!

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