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Rachel Ellyn creates stories that inspire children to dream, to explore, and to build their confidence in being uniquely themselves.

Where, Bear?


A boy, his bear, and a backyard adventure…

Through an adorable tale and unique use of illustration, children of all ages will see that "with imagination, all things are possible".


Pixie Shoes


Neesa was a klutz. She couldn’t even do the simplest of tasks all pixies needed to learn to become… well, pixies. And in a land where accomplishing tasks were rewarded with beautiful gems for their shoes, Neesa had no hope of her plain shoes becoming adorned like the other pixies.


Cordelia, Neesa’s teacher and mentor, didn’t know what to do. Until it came upon her that maybe, just maybe, Neesa was special. Very special. Even in the world of pixies, there are some who are misunderstood -- until their true purpose is revealed.


Can Cordelia help Neesa find her place even without jeweled shoes?

KC Bell, A Manx With A Tale


Bell has a problem. 

She's a Manx cat born with a tail. But Manx cats aren't supposed to have tails! All she wants is to find a place where she can belong, where the Curse of the Tail won't follow. 

Humiliated and scared, Bell leaves her family to save them the shame of her existence… only to find the world outside is full of danger. 

With a train conductor named Henry, Bell has a chance to find a home again. Then a Pinkerton Detective and his hound Watson pursue a thief onto Bell's train, can she and Watson track him down and bring him to justice? Can a Manx with a tail beat the Curse, or will she fail and be cast out again?

A Pig Packed To Picadilly


Hamlet, the perfectly pink stuffed pig, is mad at his best friend Vivienne Scarlett. He decides to run away from home and sets off to see the world, stowing away in package bound for London. During his whirlwind adventure, he meets someone who helps him understand what it truly means to be a "best friend".

You're Toast!


Little Slice has dreams of becoming a gourmet dish. Alas, he is just a simple bit of bread! He is also shy, yet so desperately wants to be included in the Kitchen Crewe’s big adventures. Will this tiny underdog gain the courage to join in?

Included in the book are recipes from Award Winning Kansas City Chefs. Share Slice’s dreams with your little one by creating these delicious dishes - using toast, of course!

How To Pack A Pig


Vivienne Scarlett thinks going on a business trip with her mother sounds exciting. But in the excitement of packing, she realizes she needs to bring her best friend’s things, too ... only her best friend is a stuffed pink pig named Hamlet. What do you pack for a pig going on a trip?


Louie Fights The Night


After the divorce of his mom and dad, Louie did not like to sleep in his room. Maybe it was that he missed his mom when he was at his dad's house. Maybe he missed his toys that were at the other house. Something was just not the same anymore and he didn't like it. But with the help of a magical little bunny made of dust from under his bed, Louie finds that the adventures of his day dreams can come alive at night and make sleeping in his room fun again.

Pixie Shoes was a sweet fairy tale that left me wanting more. Well written and easy to read. Little girls will love this.

Kathy Wells

This wonderful story about each pixie finding her own place in the world, her own talents is sure to be easily understood and thankfully accepted by many children...girls, and even boys willing to read a book about pixies! The ending for Neesa was...very good. Perhaps not every child will either be one of the crowd or a true winner... Still, we all need dreams, don't we? Neesa didn't set out to do what she did. She merely started doing what her heart and mind was telling her to do... This fairy tale will charm readers while still having a meaningful lesson to be learned by all... This one is highly recommended.


You know you've found a real literary treat when you take a break from reading JK Rowling's fifth installment of Harry Potter and your daughter reacts with JUST as much enthusiasm as she did to the Harry Potter chronicles. My daughter was so excited to read this book and it brought her so much joy! She wanted to read it past bedtime just to see what happened to Bell. If only there was a follow-up!

K. Houlehan

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