Story Coaching 411 & Classes

We've all been there.
We've all been there.

Getting help is smart.
Getting help is smart.

Story Coach = Action
Story Coach = Action

We've all been there.
We've all been there.

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Stay tuned Rachel's classes will be available Spring 2020 and will include both workshops and self-guided/self-paced on-demand classes.

Whether you need to brainstorm or learn how to start capturing your intellectual property on paper... maybe your characters need to be fleshed out or you're stuck on a plot point, Rachel can help you.

With ten years of helping people become writers, writers become authors, and authors become published, Rachel can help you. Her yearly Business of Writing Success (BOWS) conferences have mentored authors, from beginner to experienced, in all genres. And her monthly BOWS PENtathlon held in the Kansas City Metro introduces writers to local area business professionals willing to share entrepreneurial concepts and business practices needed for success. These experts have included computer safety, marketing, self-publishing, networking, and taxes. Plus, she has a Rolodex (a contact list for the younger generation) of support to share.

Writer's block? Don't know where or how to start? Don't worry. Let's talk.


Reach out via email or phone, and let's discuss your needs.


Get Started


Six hours of coaching over the period of a month for those who need a more more hands on approach. Maybe you have a character but not a story. Maybe your plot ends after three pages. Maybe you don't even you how to begin. We will work on all the aspects of your project you need.

This coaching will done via a combination of emails, phone calls and Skype sessions.


As Needed


Do you need a bit of plot tweaking? Character explor-ation? Story arc development? Maybe a brainstorming session or a publishing plan? Maybe you have questions on advertising or taxes? Whichever it is, an hour tuneup will get your questions answered and put you back on word count track.

This coaching session can be done via email, phone, or Skype.




A group workshop can be done in-person, or through video or Skype—your choice. The topic or focus of the workshop is your choice as well.

The workshop can include lectures, group discussions, brainstorming, exercises on advancing  your plot, critiques, and the business of writing success.



Pricing starts at $300