Classes Available in 2020

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Starting April 14th, 2020


May 12th, 2020
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Do you wish you could walk through the steps of writing a book?


Maybe you want to get a handle on the process of creating children's picture books?

Perhaps you want to start on your dreams of writing, but you're missing the spark to start? 

A key component to Rachel's success in the business world, which took her I.T. and financial process consulting international, was her knowledge of every aspect of the business verticals she advised. Now with over ten years of profitable writing and publishing experience, Rachel has designed classes to help you learn and perfect story writing. And all without breaking your budget.

Her new class offerings give you the chance to learn online in two different ways. Both live workshops and at-your-own-pace course formats are available. 

Have a question about the classes or coaching? Reach out to Rachel via email here.

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