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The Fur Flew, Book One - An Ashley Dates Romance

Book 1

Just when you thought it was safe to start dating again...

The Twisted Tango, Book Two - An Ashley Dates Romance

Book 2

With great parties comes great responsibility...

Book Three - An Ashley Dates Romance

Book 3

Coming Fall 2020!

What goes Around

All Alice wants is to travel, manage her own money, and experience all the fun she reads about in magazines now that's she's single again. Oh, and date handsome, attentive men.

Is that too much to ask?


Sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought provoking, always entertaining, Hot Flashes of Life author Rachel Ellyn takes you on a whirlwind tour of life through her globe trotting stories.


Bell has a problem. She's a Manx kitten cursed with a TAIL. Knowing her family is ashamed of her appearance and scared of this terrible curse, she leaves the warmth of the large Victorian home to find a place where her curse won't be noticed. 

Pixie Shoes

Neesa is a klutz. She can't seem to learn even the simplest of pixie tasks, like floating on bubbles, dancing with fireflies, or braiding horses’ manes. And the last thing she wants to do is to read the huge book full of instructions on hot air currents and braiding techniques!

A boy, his bear, and a backyard adventure…

Through an adorable tale and unique use of illustration, children of all ages will see that "with imagination, all things are possible".

Toast Cover.jpg

Little Slice has dreams of becoming a gourmet dish. Alas, he is just a simple bit of bread! He is also shy, yet so desperately wants to be included in the Kitchen Crewe’s big adventures. Will this tiny underdog gain the courage to join in?


Vivienne Scarlett and Hamlet, her very best friend and a perfectly pink pig with a pin-curl tail, stuffed to huggable perfection, are about to head on a trip. And there are so many things to pack, especially for a pig!

What do you pack?

HTPAP Cover.jpg

Hamlet, the perfectly pink stuffed pig, is mad at his best friend Vivienne Scarlett. He decides to run away from home and sets off to see the world, stowing away in package bound for London.


After the divorce of his mom and dad, Louie did not like to sleep in his room. Maybe it was that he missed his mom when he was at his dad's house. Maybe he missed his toys that were at the other house. 


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