A Disfunctional Diva's Life

July 7, 2018

Yup. Me too!

It's how my writing career began. 

Want to learn an easy method? Here's a quick video...

June 24, 2018

I'm putting this out there, my big goal, and I'm asking you to come along for the ride. Hold me accountable, cheer me on, cross your fingers, this is going to be fun - challenging, but fun!

And I'm a firm believer in vocalizing your dreams to the universe. So Universe,...

June 4, 2018

The wonderful Ella Lynch is bringing Pixies Shoes to life as an audiobook. Here's a little taste of her talent.

June 18, 2017

My flight left Minneapolis at 10:00 pm. I arrived in Reykjavik at 10:00 am local, 5 am CST. I was thrilled. I was excited, and with only two and a half hours of sleep on the plane, I was tired. Now to tackle driving from the airport to my Airbnb in downtown Reykjavik....

May 17, 2017

It seems every decade has its challenges! Enjoy!

March 20, 2017

I love to read. I have gone without sleep telling myself, "just one more page.” Trust me, I do not look pretty with dark circles under my eyes! Because of my love of reading, I have missed planes while sitting at the departure gate, and one time I missed a landing.

I ha...

March 2, 2017

Betty, your office coworker, and in her words an avid reader, has just found out your manuscript is done. She begs you to let her read it. She loves (insert your genre here) and has just finished reading (insert big name author's book title in your genre - if fantasy i...

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The Beginning of...

My Dear Friends

June 12, 2011

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